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The Words of the Wyldeboye

the cylonist manifesto

April 10th, 2006

(no subject) @ 01:04 am

Moriarty's Classic Livejournal Film by the_moriarty
Ideally Starring (as yourself)
Accused For a Crime They Didn't Commitdr_spangle
Madcap Heiresslife_up
Famous Psychiatrist Who Values Work Over Lovesammitysamsam
Retired Cat Burglargrrr_arrg
Nazi Revivalistjig_saw_jazz
Obsessive Detectivedavia_paige
Wisecracking Star Reporterkaleidoskopeyes
Overwhelmed Paleontologistmarrogg
Loose-Living Playgirlgetmaggot
Calm, Calculating Killercarnelle_scott
Quiz created with MemeGen!

April 6th, 2006

(no subject) @ 04:26 pm

Dinner - Sunday 9th April 

Where: My House!
When: 7:30pm

RSVP by 12 noon Friday 7th April

Reply here to confirm your booking or text me! 

Inviation List Thus Far
[y] Magda
[y] b
[y] Luke
[y] Anita
[y] Me
[y] Lola
[y] Moriarty (but not until late)

[p] Sarah
[p] Beth
[p] Ro
[p] Julian
[p] Sasha

[n] Jenny
[n] Anne
[n] Caroline

Could everyone with a P (for perhaps, perhaps, perhaps) PLEASE let me know as soon as possible
By the way:
there are fireworks happening within walking distance so come prepared for some good times down the road!

March 13th, 2006

(no subject) @ 07:22 pm

The Weekend was a mixed affair. On Friday I photocopied the Saga of the Confederates at the library and spent some time in the Queer Room with slightly-less-annoying-Carmen and the new Sri Lankan boy. A cute Italian boy popped into the room to make coffee and there was a lot of flirting/eye-contact going around the room. Then by fortunate coincidence we all wanted to leave at the same time so I went back to the library but I can’t remember what I did there. I did however get really sore eyes trying to stay awake in front of the computer.

Travelling to the Moon was fun and the outdoors section was pleasantly free of cigarette fumes. I got absolutely bored waiting for the stupid wine to arrive but since management had understaffed the entire outdoor area it was no surprise that service took so long. I wish we hadn’t been required to drink so quickly because it had such an awful aftertaste. Magda was correct of course that as soon as I had drunk one glass I immediately wanted chips. Going home was not really fun since it involved being shouted at, being mean to Moriarty, and then being told not to sulk when I wasn’t; yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

On Sunday I did everything I was meant to do on Saturday in about three hours. This was; make potato and bacon gratin, sticky chocolate pudding, three loads of washing, Saga reading, finishing the tiny amount of vodka left in the bottle (an important task of course), checking the mail and taking in the washing. It was however a good day - I just wished I had done it all on Saturday.

Today was quite good. I did my online mandatory quiz and finished thinking I had received 1/5 but instead had actually done 4/5 questions correct without doing any of the reading. I will still need to talk to Mark about my week two quiz but I’m not very hopeful about getting it accumulated into my total. I also attended my very first Elections, Mass Media and Politics lecture which was very amusing by normal standards. Rodney (“bus-B.O.I.”) is also in the class - in fact I see him around a lot. I have a five hour teaching bloc on Monday which is a bit full on but I secretly enjoy it.

On the subject of secret enjoyments did I ever tell you about a zip-lock bag and baby oil? … I enjoy my Vikings tutorial because the people are entertainingly-annoying. James (“Mr Point And Click”) didn’t do a single quotation and I think his friend sitting next to me kept looking at me – why? Perhaps he had just noticed like I had that the girl with the fish-scale shoes was gracing us with her fashionable presence once more? Perhaps. I am considering making 12pm free so I can eat lunch (with Davia).

Vikings tutorial was fun although I got pissed-off at Luke during the inter-lesson break. Oh well life moves on or it doesn’t.  How Zen. I also managed to SCORE (because it is always better when bigger) a free ride with Magda and b which allowed me to photocopy some of my background reading for my tutorial presentation tomorrow. Points of note: a conversation with the sound “ch’ch’-ch-cheor” in the middle of it (a photocopier on both accounts). Now I am home and have eaten some more potato and bacon gratin which is so yum!

Fair well and good ‘nen

When the Revolution come they will be against the wall:
Preaching vegans
Samual T. Cohen

February 23rd, 2006

Amusing @ 11:18 am

Armed gang steals $59m in UK heist
An armed gang disguised as police has stolen more than 25 million pounds sterling ($A59 million) from a security depot in southern England after abducting its manager and his family, the Bank of England said.

There were unconfirmed reports that the final figure could be up to 40 million pounds ($94.7 million), making it the biggest heist in British history.

The manager of the Securitas main cash depot in Tonbridge in Kent was pulled over while driving on Tuesday evening by what he believed was an unmarked police car, Kent Police said.

He got into the car, was handcuffed, threatened at gunpoint and told to cooperate or his family would be hurt.

Two other robbers disguised as police abducted his wife and son from their home, telling them the manager had been involved in an accident.

Six men, some armed with handguns, threatened and tied up staff at the security depot.

The shocked but uninjured staff activated an alarm around an hour after the robbery. The manager, his wife and son were also unhurt.

A raid at the Northern Bank's Belfast headquarters in December 2004 netted 26.5 million pounds, making it the biggest cash theft in British and Irish history at that time.


February 3rd, 2006

(no subject) @ 11:25 pm

Today I Felt Like: a criminal

Quote of the Day: "Moriarty! I think i'm having a break-down"

Most Interesting Aspect: learning that 'community banks' are useless institutions

Most Concerning Aspect: having to decide wether I can or will go to the Big Day Out

The Future Holds: Hotdogs, depression, anxiety and Morley Monday Bank service

January 27th, 2006

$56 worth of movies to see @ 11:58 pm

Current Music: The J's

Jan 19th: Memoirs of a Geisha
Jan 26th: Brokeback Mountain
Feb 9th: Jarhead
Feb 16th: Syriana
Feb 23rd: Aeon Flux
Mar 4th: The League of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse
May 19th: The Da Vinci Code

December 22nd, 2005

24/7 Boredom Whoredom @ 07:12 pm


November 10th, 2005

(no subject) @ 09:31 pm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Don't become like Marat, he took a bath instead of taking a stand!

November 6th, 2005

nuptual bliss? First left, next right, third green door @ 11:06 pm

Do you know what I resent? Charity, closely followed by commercial television so imagine my angst if you can when I discover the two combined together on this dark and gloomy evening. Oh, Rose Porteous (sp?) is on my screen and I thought it was low when Koche came on before the advertisements. It’s good to see after selling her tart-parlour and moving to the wrong side of the nation (well for her that’s contestable) she’s still decomposing in the limelight. It’s bad enough having half-arsed British “comedy” on television, especially when it’s been recycled from a British live-event and replayed on television, rather like JJJ. It is worse that we have to listen to the British laughing over the top.

Wow! An advertisement just said “socialism”, Che would be proud. I feel sorry for the audience they’re probably the people involved in the charities, they only omit the occasional chuckle and just lamely clap every time Rose announces her fear of being killed by germs, that’s HILLARIOUS. Yeah, Go rose! You just revealed you sub-conscious obsession with cleanliness. Did anyone else think this “Comedy Relief” wasn’t really advertised very well? I thought it was one of those stand-up shows. Oh well, my loss. Morbidly Obsessed Infotainment is on (recognised by the acronym CSI) not the New York variety which is just cheap and vulgar just the classier Las Vegas variety.

Now you’re probably going “Tom you bastard, it’s bad enough you’re a practicing homosexual, why don’t you like charity?” Ok name one single charity which has fundamentally changed the world? Hassling people on street corners for $2 is not going to the change the world. I believe in giving aid for the relief of major disasters because they’re the sort of one-off events that can actually be helped by a brief spasm of international charity. What doesn’t appeal to me is showing frumpy looking African kiddies on the screen going “my mum’s dead and I’m hungry” first of all there are lots of very rich, rich and eve middle class people in Africa so there must be something fundamentally wrong within the nations of Africa if so many people are starving and suffering the crippling effects of easily preventable diseases.

Africa is also a very richly endowed continent; so the fact that every post-colonial nation in Africa has a deficient in the terms of trade with their coloniser or that something like 12 nations rely on just 3 commodities for 90% or more of their export earnings suggests there is something fundamentally wrong with the system outside Africa. Propping up a marginal improvement in the welfare of one individual until they become and adult is not going to change the system that promote majority world misery. Instead it allows the criminal system of minority world economics to perpetuate itself and letting the worst offenders of this system, the middle class, to continue with nothing but good feelings about their role in the way of things.

You do have to start somewhere but the tactics of feel-gooderism only impede progress by giving everyone involved the sense of having made a difference which is a load of bullshit. It’s like those people that turn up to the occasional VSU rally and leave thinking they’ve done something truly worthwhile. I don’t want to discourage anyone from participating but we all know that as long that’s all that we do then it’s a hopeless movement. Demonstrating public support is important because you can’t let the bastards think they’ve gotten away with it but every public demonstration has to be part of a long-term movement that’s more then public demonstration.

Talking of good fights to fight; 15th The Esplanade, oppose IR with your fellow citizens! Definitely not a case of feel-gooderism. Come along, get yourself motivated and support those who are there to fight for your RIGHTS. So msg me if you’re going too I would love to see someone I know there. Hell I’m not even employed but I’m still making the effort. Oh thank the deities, Compass is on, I love this show and it’s all about the Mormons and Gays, I love Mormans and Gays, so funny! They just played a theme song with the line “she-s a gay-y Morman, she’s come-e out!”

October 31st, 2005

http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200510/s1494063.htm @ 11:14 am

High school students should be drug tested, summit told
A national drug summit in Adelaide has been told of a radical proposal to address addiction before it takes hold in teenagers.
Perth doctor George O'Neil suggests that high schools should test students for marijuana use as part of an annual health check and if they fail, they would be forced to undergo monthly tests.
Dr O'Neil says several mining companies use a similar model on their employees.
"The only punishment a school could ever give is to change from annual monitoring to monthly monitoring on the kids that were starting to be affected," Dr O'Neil said.
"But if you're being monitored once a month and you have to discuss this with your mum once a month, that's the best way to deal with the problem in the community."
Meanwhile, a former magistrate has told the summit that patients with drug-induced psychosis are clogging the mental health system.
New figures from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Council show people who use methamphetamine are 11 times more likely to suffer a psychotic episode than those who do not use the drug.
Former New South Wales magistrate Craig Thompson says authorities should be able to order drug-affected patients into rehabilitation to make them kick the habit.
"Mental hospitals are not rehabilitation centres," Mr Thompson said.
"It's now accepted that cannabis is a very addictive drug and unless it's resolved, then you can give them their anti-psychotic medication and they're straight back on the cannabis and then back in again.
"So I see that some form of treatment program that they can channel into is very necessary."


So what do YOU think?

The Words of the Wyldeboye

the cylonist manifesto